Basset Hound history

Basset Hound history

An introduction to the Basset Hound, its origins and history

This section will deal with early Basset Hound history, from its origins to the Basset Hound becoming established as a true breed in its own rights.

Early references to Bassets

Egyptian, Greek and Roman history has many references to low hounds - it is not a modern phenonomen.  Read more

St. Huberts Hound

Generally acknowleged to be the forefather of many breeds of hounds, including the Basset Hound.  Read more

Basset Hound origins

The breeds that led to the Basset Hound, before it becoming established in England.  Read more

George Washington and his Basset Hounds

Most book on Basset Hounds state that Washington received two as a gift, referring to his diaries.  We disagree! 
Read more

George Washington and Basset Hounds

Most modern books on the Basset Hound state that President George Washington received two Basset Hounds from General Lafayette.  We disagree!!
Read why here ยป

Basset Hound terminology

Essential reading if you wish to understand the different names and conventions by which the Basset Hound was known.  Read more

Basset Hound timeline

Notable historical dates, persons and events that come together to form the Basset Hound. Read more »