La Venerie

La Venerie BassetThis is believed to be the first book to use the word Basset (Bas meaning low in French) and it contains images of Bassets that can be seen on page 236 and other pages in La Venerie. 

The English version is not available online, but the French original can be read online at (see side panel).

The noble art of venerie or hunting

wherein is handled and set out the vertues, nature, and properties of fifteene sundry chaces : together with the order and manner how to hunt and kill euery one of them translated & collected out for the pleasure of all noblemen and gentlemen out of the best approoued authors ... and reduced into such order and proper termes as are vsed here in this noble realme of Great Britaine.


St. Huberts Hound

La Venerie

The St. Huberts Hound from the Ardennes in Belgium is also depicted in La Venerie on page 16.  The St. Huberts Hound is considered the forefather of the Bloodhound, from which, eventually, Basset Hounds were bred.  By the way, the term Bloodhound does not refer to its good smelling sense, but from the fact that it came from noble blood


La Venerie
Cover from 1844 edition

Jaques de Fouilloux, 1521?-1580

1562, 1573 or 1585), France

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English version:
1611 by George Gaiscoine, published by Thomas Purfoot