Basset Hound Books - a historical insight

About the books

Most of the Basset Hound books mentioned below can be read online at the Internet Archive. In addition, you can download the books as a PDF, as a Kindle file or in other formats for popular eBooks.

We have also provided links to Amazon (where available), in case you wish to purchase a copy of the book. Just follow the links from each of The Basset Hound book pages! 


Basset Hound books

A quick search on Amazon will show that there are over 300 books about the Basset Hound.  This section, however, will concentrate on older titles, between 1561 and the 1930's, relating to the origins and history of the Basset Hound. 

La Venerie

Author: Jaques de Fouilloux
Originally published in 1561 (other sources cite 1601) this French book is the first to mention the term "Basset".  It also contains several illustrations of Bassets.
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Of Englishe Dogges

Author: John Caius
Published in 1576 this is the first book to mention the various English breeds prevalent in Britain at the time.
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The Theory and Practice of Rational Beeding

The Theory and Practice of Rational Breeding

Author: Everett Millais
Written during the 1880's by the top breeder of Basset Hounds in Britain, this books tries to "mathematically" explain how to breed Basset Hounds.
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Cassell's Illustrated book of the dog

Cassell's Illustrated Book of the Dog 

Author: Vero Shaw
Published in 1881 this much sought after book, covers much of the early Basset Hound history in Great Britain.
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Hare hunting and harriers

Hare-hunting and harriers : with notices of beagles and basset hounds 

Author: Henry Anderson Bryden
Published in 1903 this book contains accounts of the Basset Hound, including some statistics relating to their use as hunting hounds.
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British Dogs

British Dogs, Their Point, Selection and Show Preparation

Author: William D. Drury
Published in 1903 it probably contains the most complete account of the origins of the Basset Hound.
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The New Book of the Dog

The New Book of the Dog

Author: Robert Leighton and others
Published in 1907, chapter XXVII (written by Mrs. C.C. Ellis, a renowned breeder of Basset Hounds).
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Hounds in the Old Days

Author: Walter Gilbey
Published in 1913, though scare in mention of the Basset, it does however mention the St. Huberts Hound.
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Training the Rabbit Hounds

Training the Rabbit Hound: Bassets & Beagles

Author: Carl E. Smith
Originally published in 1926 this book is interesting as it mentions the "Russian" Bassets.
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Dogs and All About Them

Author: Robert Leighton
Published in 1934 it contains a complete chapter on the Basset Hound.  The whole book can be read online.
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